‘They Can’t Break Me Down’ – Agordzo

ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo

The embattled police officer who is standing trial for treason in the alleged coup plot ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo says he is innocent of the charge leveled against him by the state.

“I have not committed any crime. I’ve done nothing wrong. The President called upon us to be citizens. So when I express my opinion on a WhatsApp platform, unrelated to any alleged coup, nobody should bog me down.

“And I will stand for this. I will stand for this to the end. They cannot break me down at all. And I’m as strong as anything. Thank you very much for your support,” he told the media after he appeared before the court Wednesday.

The Kaneshie district court deferred his bail hearing to Friday. He set to be in BNI custody until the next court hearing.

But his lawyer martin Kpebu says the district court is incapable of granting him bail in such matters.

” The decision to take him to the district is unfair because that court does not have the power to grant him bail in treason matters. So if the BNI does not grant him bail themselves, the district court cannot. What the BNI is doing is unconstitutional and unfortunate,” he told Starr News.

Mr. Agordzor has been charged with abetment for treason by the state after he was invited for questioning on Monday. He is currently on detention at the BNI.