Voila! NDC ‘Insecurity’ Agenda On

Former President John Mahama

It inures to the interest of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) if Ghanaians harbour a sense of insecurity. It is a game plan they are obsessed with because of the importance of security in the life of a country. That is why they are feverishly working on it as part of a broad strategy.

The NDC headquarters engagement with party communication officers by the National Chairman of the party Ofosu Ampofo leakage of which secret is now the source of infamy for the political grouping said it all. From kidnapping to the perpetration of arson around the country, among other vices, they hope to present the country as one in which armed bandits and abductors patrol in the face of an effective law enforcement system. That, of course, is far from the true image of the Ghana under an Akufo-Addo leadership.

Fortunately, Ghana is more secure today than it was yesterday when ex-President John Mahama was the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and before him when his predecessors were in charge.

When there is insecurity or even a perception of it, the negative impact of it on a country is enormous and that is what they want to achieve. That is why a so-called ‘insecurity’ has become a mantra in the NDC. Ex-President John Mahama is so glued to it that he throws it up at every opportunity that comes his way.

The ex-President has suddenly become obsessed with the security of Ghanaians – something he failed to address when he was at the helm.

A Member of Parliament was murdered in cold blood when the ex-President was the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The same Ghanaian cops he now regards as underperforming managed to arrest the killers of the late J.B. Danquah. That the assassins succeeded in murdering the MP was, of course, the height of insecurity in the country.

Under John Mahama, a DCE at Nkwanta was murdered and to date the perpetrators of the heinous crime are still at large. We do not think that the ex-President does not understand the word ‘insecurity’ and that is why he is touting the way he is doing. Of course, he understands it as much as we do, but political mischief – the lot of his party supersedes all else – including decency in their grouping.

Under him, land guards and thugs with roots in the NDC were rife. The former are now on the run, their industry crumbling like ice cream under a scorching sun, and the latter for the first time about to become extinct as the President orders a legislation to proscribe their operation regardless of which political party they serve. Isn’t this country in safer hands than under the mischievous man who relishes dangling an untrue picture of an ‘insecure’ Ghana now that he is no longer at the helm?