A Party Embroiled In Evil, Mischief

It caused fear and panic among those who know the origin of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and prompted a recall of the former President’s recent dangling of the party’s violent pedigree.

The NDC National Chairman Ofosu Ampofo’s remarks during their clandestine meeting gave us snippets of the plans of the party for the 2020 polls and they are anything but heartwarming.

We thank providence for the leakage of the dastardly plans the NDC is hatching for a country they claim to hold dear.

We have been consistent with our disregard for the opposition party’s half-hearted love for the rule of law and democracy as a whole.

We are shocked at the puerile efforts the party executives are applying on the toxic leakage on the public space to douse the fire it has generated.

The contents of the party chairman’s remarks bordering on national security should not be ignored under any circumstances. Indeed the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency bye-election violence was a dress rehearsal by the party for the 2020 elections. Thankfully, however, the element of surprise which the party sought to spring on the nation has been let out.

The national security apparatus must be on red alert because the NDC has alerted us about their plans to use some police officers and retired soldiers to further their political cause.

The CID invitation to the man to come and assist in investigations into the audio recording should not be an ordinary engagement. It is about finding out more from a man who plans throwing the country into turmoil.

The law enforcement agency should particularly be excited that they have been let into the plans for the 2020 elections. They have been forewarned and so should be adequately forearmed.

A party which plans abductions or even kidnappings as a power seeking strategy should not be voted for because they lack what it takes to lead a country in conformity with civility and democratic principles.

It is unsurprising therefore that the country went through what it did when the party was at the helms.

Applying covert and overt means to usurp political power is subversive and should therefore be treated as such by the national security apparatus.

We have heard one of the party’s members describing the remarks of the party chairman as political talk. A party which plans causing fear and panic in the country must face the rigours of the law. There is nothing like political talk when the survivability of the country is threatened through covert and overt means.

From the discourse of the party chairman, there is no ambiguity that the NDC is planning to cause insecurity in the country and turn round to accuse the government of not being on top of affairs.