Abena Korkor Smokes Weed- A-Plus Alleges

A-Plus has stated that only socialite and mental health advocate, Abena Korkor has the antidote to solving her bipolar problems.

In an interview on UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday, he alleged that Abena Korkor has been “smoking weed” and is into other “drugs”.

According to him, until Abena stops doing that she would continue misbehaving under the pretext of being a bipolar patient.

“If you say something Abena Korkor footsoldiers will come attacking with insults. They keep saying she is mad but that is not what it is. It is the weed she has been smoking. That is what has been leading to her problem. We are unable to tell her the truth that if she stops the weed and the drugs she has been taking, her problems will stop,” he alleged.

“We are all mad to some extent but you won’t see it until we smoke. Let us smoke and you will see it.

Because we don’t smoke that is why you see us sitting here looking sane. Some people only need just a drink to trigger their madness. That is why you need to examine yourself and know what triggers your madness and stop it,” he added.

A-Plus was speaking to a suggestion that Abena should be arrested for allegedly sharing her naked photos on social media. The former TV3 presenter has been trending the whole of last week after her naked photos went viral.

After the release of the naked video and photos, she also went on to update her list of men who have ever slept with her.

In a video she released on social media, she mentioned the name of a former Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Kennedy and accused him of sleeping with her.

She alleged that the married Deputy Minister who is also a Member of Parliament for the constituency in the Eastern Region had sex with her at Peduase.
Interestingly she added that he didn’t perform well suggesting his sex was boring.

According to her, he’s now in her DM trying to pay her to keep her mouth shut about their affair.

After the episode, there had been concern among some Ghanaians that the necessary authority should get her arrested and offer her help. This includes ascertaining if her incessant show of nudity is true as a result of bipolar, a position which A-Plus shares.

However, he said Abena knows exactly what to do to solve her problems. It’s time for everyone following her to tell her the truth and stop defending her.

“There is no medicine for Abena Korkor anywhere except she gets up one morning and reduces the smoking,” he indicated.