Accra Brewery Launches Corona Beer

A patron showing Corona beer


ACCRA BREWERY PLC, a subsidiary of ABInBev, a leading manufacturer/distributor of beer and non-alcoholic malt beverages in Ghana, has officially launched Corona Beer in Ghana.

Corona Beer is recognised as the world’s most premium beer, and a premium beer, which is classic, authentic, and recognised worldwide for its high quality, refreshing taste and image.

Accra Brewery delighted its patrons with Corona extra launch on 29th October, 2022, at the Bella Beach Accra.

The Corona Extra launch was about good music, dancing, interactions, and great tasting of cold beer for legal drinking age consumers all night. Patrons were also presented with series of performances from Kentos band, DJ Fui and dance performances by DWP, and a feel of nature from the beach.

The night started with cocktails infused with corona beer and music performances from Kentos band, DWP crew and DJ Fui. This left patrons dancing on their feet for several hours.

Corona extra launch engagement zone had the Corona photobooth with the sea being the backdrop to further connect its patrons with nature, where they could sit and take unlimited pictures and share in the fun.

Country Marketing Lead, Chuka, stated, “As a premium beer, Corona inspires reconnection with our essential nature, going outside to live moments, and pausing to appreciate all that is real and authentic, this brand will be introducing some excitement into the Ghanaian market. Corona Beer with brand name “This is Living”, seeks to tap into the universal desire for freedom, the brand wants to inspire people to go outside and live more moments that matter. It is best enjoyed with a lime wedge for an unparalleled flavor of relaxation.

ABL’s portfolio popular beverages include Ghana’s best-selling beer, Club Premium Lager, Club Shandy, Eagle Lager, Eagle Stout, Stella Artois, Corona, Budweiser, and Beta Malt.