Agya Koo Attributes Kumawood’s Collapse To His Exclusion

Agya Koo


Actor Agya Koo has voiced his belief that the downfall of the Kumawood movie industry can be attributed to his exclusion from roles during a crucial period.

Contrary to the popular opinion linking the industry’s decline to CDs, Agya Koo contends that his absence from the screen had a substantial impact.

During an interview on Ezra Fm, Agya Koo asserted his position as the most marketable actor at the time, emphasizing, “Though I was not the only one acting at the time, any time people wanted to watch Ghanaian movies, they mentioned the name Agya Koo. Why didn’t they ask for someone else’s name?”

Fondly reminiscing about the vibrant days of Kumawood, Agya Koo highlighted his name’s synonymous association with Ghanaian cinema, especially among Ghanaians abroad, notably in the USA.

He argued that his unmatched marketability and influence were evident when people inquired about Ghanaian movies, often specifically asking if he was part of the cast.