Another Fire Outbreak At Beirut’s Port

Barely a month after the explosion in Beirut’s seaport, Lebanon, killed around 190 persons, there has been another fire outbreak at the port.

Last month’s explosion injured over 5,000 people, causing outrage which led to the resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister and the entire Government.

And another fire outbreak has occurred, this time on Thursday, September 10, 2020, in an oil and tyre warehouse in the port’s duty-free zone.

In photos and videos seen so far, thick smoke could be seen billowing out over Beirut’s skyline.

There has not been report of casualties and the cause of the fire is yet unknown.

Last month’s explosion was caused by ammonium nitrate, according to reports.

The head of Lebanon’s Red Cross, George Kettaneh, has stated that some people were suffering from shortness of breath as a result of the fire, Reuters news agency reports.


By Melvin Tarlue