Another Gay Man Killed

Yunus Iddris

A homosexual at Nima in the Ayawaso District of the Greater Accra Region was yesterday killed after a series of torture carried out on him since his apprehension by the local anti-gay unit.

The deceased, identified as Sami Adjei, was in the company of his partner, Yunus Iddris, when an angry mob of armed locals attacked them.

An eyewitness, who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity, stated that Sami’s partner barely escaped the mob.

Unfortunately for Sami, he was caught by the anti-gay group, who tortured him, only to announce yesterday that Sami Adjei took his own life while in their custody.

Another eyewitness told DAILY GUIDE that the two gay men were in their room, when suddenly a loud scream by a lady who supposedly saw the two in the act of lovemaking, attracted the youth to the scene.  Yunus Iddris was able to escape but his partner was taken away by the angry youth of the area.

At that moment, Yunus Iddris was declared a wanted man and pictures of him were circulated all around Nima.

This latest death adds to the increasing number of homosexuals who died in the last few years.

It would be recalled that an anti-gay drive was mounted by the youth of Gamashie along the coastal belt sometime ago, as homosexuals are hunted down like animals, stripped, beaten to pulp and paraded along the streets; with some losing their lives in the process.

A gay personality who spoke to DAILY GUIDE on condition of anonymity said, “The situation of gays in Ghana is dreadful. We have no rights at all. The society frowns upon anything gay and we get beaten up and told to confess to things we have not done, and for fear of our lives, we submit.”

He disclosed that gays and lesbians in Ghana are under unbelievable pressure.

“Ranging from being constantly harassed in public places through execution of jungle justice, to the loss of lives, gays in Ghana, and most parts of West Africa live in danger and constant fear,” he added.

By A.R Gomda