Tenant Sodomises Landlord Son

Salim Abdula

Reports reaching the newsdesk of Daily Guide indicate that homophobic attacks are still on the rise at Nima, a sprawling suburb of Accra, the national capital.

This time, Salim Abdulai, a young businessman has drawn the ire of the community by allegedly having repeated anal sex with the son (name withheld) of his landlord, Alhaji Baba Sule.

The reports could not establish how the nefarious activities of Salim was discovered, nor the age of the landlord’s son, but it was gathered that alleged homosexual was beaten to pulp and disgraced in public, with his boutique being burnt down.

Attempts to speak to Alhaji Baba Sule proved futile, but it was gathered that he has reported the sodomy act to the police, as unnatural carnal knowledge remains a crime in Ghana.

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