Arise Ghana Demo: 3 Protesters Grabbed, 12 Police Officers Injured

Three protesters of the pressure group, Arise Ghana have been rounded up by personnel of the Ghana Police Service for involving in violent demonstration.

They were arrested in connection with the confusion that characterized the demonstration.

The demonstration at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle by the group turned violent as the protesters and policemen clashed.

Police had to fire teargas into the crowd after some protesters decided to push the police who had built a barricade to stop them from taking unapproved routes by moving from the Kwame Nkrumah Circle towards the Ringroad Central leading to the Jubilee House as all attempts by the police to persuade them to use the court approved routes did not yield the expected result.
The altercation happened after organisers met with top officials of the police service to discuss the way forward following an obstruction when protesters tried moving from Obra Spot.

Police officials on the ground had suggested that organisers stick to the court’s assigned route for the demonstration, that is from Obra Spot through the Independence Square.

But organisers of the Arise Ghana demonstration who did not agree to this insisted that they will use the Ring Road Central area through Ako Adjei Interchange to the Jubilee House.

After the meeting with the police, organisers returned to address the crowd about the situation but during this period, aggrieved protesters went against the police and tried pushing back the barricade.

Consequently, the police fired teargas to disperse the crowd who at a point was not only pushing against the police but attacking the police by pelting them with stones and objects, resulting in the injury of some officers who were on the ground to provide protection.

A statement issued by the police said 12 of their personnel got injured as a result of the incident.

According to the police, “so far 12 officers who sustained various degrees of injury and were treated at the Police Mobile Hospitals have been transferred to the Police Hospital for further treatment.”

As if that was not enough, the demonstrators also damaged police properties including their vehicles in the process.

The demonstrators further regrouped and burnt lorry tires on the road around cycles but police managed to put all the fire off.

According to the police, they had no option in the cause of the incident as they had to fire teargas and water cannons to subdue the rioting and restore order.

Police said they have cleared all the roads and urged road users if possible to use alternative routes as they take steps to disperse rioting crowd.

They have therefore assured the public all involved in the violent demonstration will be brought to book.

By Vincent Kubi