Arrest The Tamasco Sexual Predator!!!

A disturbing story about how a suspected sexual predator at the Tamale Senior High School (Tamasco) raped a student in our edition of yesterday broke the hearts of many readers.

It underscores the importance of initiating better protective measures for innocent girls against sexual predators in especially schools.

Headmasters, housemasters, housemistresses and other staff in senior high schools must join hands in protecting girls against teachers who are unable to control their unbridled libidos.

A sports teacher of the school lured the innocent girl into a friend’s room and raped her, the medical report following which indicated that her hymen was broken in the act.

The sports teacher’s misconduct, a crime of course, is as bad as the opinion leaders and even chiefs who are seeking to have the case transferred to them.

Such a transfer is, of course, a means of downgrading the crime and having the suspect go scot-free.

We stand against anybody who seeks to interfere with the course of justice. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the uncle of the poor girl who insists on having justice take its course. The girl was sexually abused as she sought the assistance of the bad teacher to gain admission into the prestigious school.

This nonsense of our innocent being abused by unscrupulous teachers and people in privileged positions must be condemned and dealt with according to law.

Luring the innocent girl to the room of a friend as the teacher allegedly did is a criminal offence and those who are trying to downgrade its severity should bow their heads in shame.

We shall campaign against them until the poor girl is pacified through justice. We salute the authorities of the school for instituting a committee to look into the matter.

The sports teacher can only run but he cannot hide. He will soon be smoked out to face justice. We are in a civilized society in which law rules and certainly not opinion leaders and chiefs. Some cases are beyond chiefs ? no matter how hard they try to intervene ? as the chiefs are seeking to do.

We find it difficult to comprehend why members of the community will not join the law enforcement agents in smoking out the suspected sexual predator.

The suspect has no business being in a school because he is toxic and would continue to prey on innocent girls.

The committee’s report should be submitted to the regional directorate of education and the appropriate action taken. Of course, whatever action the directorate would take should be subservient to the police’s because this is a matter between the suspect and the State.

It is our responsibility to support society rid itself of such miscreants ? the only we can do ? this being exposing not only the suspect but those who seek to protect them.

In the developed countries, such elements even after their prison sentences are tagged as sexual predators and need the approval of residents in communities they seek to live in.  

Our girls are not sexual objects to be relished by irresponsible sexual predators. We shall follow this story until justice is served.