Ashanti NDC In Turmoil …Chairman Fights Members Over Mahama Video

John Dramani Mahama

All appears not to be well within the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti Region following the decision of the Regional Chairman, Nana Kwasi to fight some members of the party over a video about the cause of the defeat of John Dramani Mahama in the 2020 polls.

The Chairman per the viral video on social media platforms, was said to have connived with some members of the NDC in the region caused the defeat of John Mahama.
He was said to have engaged in corruption and bribery deals which contributed to the defeat of the candidature of John Mahama and the party in the 2020 polls.

This video has provoked the Regional Chairman who had caused his lawyers to file a demand notice to some party members to apologised about what he terms as persistent falsehood, character assassination and derogatory statements made by persons who claim to be members within the National Democratic Congress fraternity on both Chairman’s office and his personality.

One of such activists, is Wahab Amadu, a staunch member of the party in the Estern region who the lawyers of the chairman has officially written to use the same medium to retract and apologise to the chairman over his action as failure to do so, Lawyers for the chairman will not hesitate to proceed to court.

“In the said video, you imputed crime and ill motive to our client which allegation you made without any evidential basis and or proof. We find your statements in the ssid video defamatory of the hard-earned reputation, character, status and political life of our client.

“Your unfortunate comments put our client in a position that seeks to compromise his hard-won integrity and reputation over the years as committed and dedicated member of the NDC as well as the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NDC party.

“We therefore write to bring this to your notice to demand that your retract the said defamatory statements forthwith via the same medium you together with unqualified apology to our client,” part of demand notice reads.

Lawyers of the Regional Chairman have advised henceforth they won’t hesitate to take legal action against any party member who will use or allowed himself to be used by anyone to use defamatory words to tarnish the hard won reputation of their client, Chairman Nana Kwasi.

By Vincent Kubi