Atlantic University Honours Dr. Ampem Darko

Dr. Ampem Darko (left) receiving his citation


Dr. Emmanuel Ampem Darko, the CEO of Kwayisi Christian Herbal Clinic in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region, has been awarded a professorship in biology by the Atlantic International University’s (AIU) Department of Biology.

He was honoured at a ceremony held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Baffour Atua Kroko, the founding father of Kwayisi Christian Herbal Clinic at Nankese Ayisaa.

As co-presidents, Professors Michael Philips-Corre and Jose M. Atri have duly attested to and validated that Dr. Emmanuel Ampem Darko has completed all requirements of the Department of Biology in order to be granted an honorary degree at Atlantic International University.

He was honoured by the Atlantic International University Department of Biology Senate and the Board as a deserving recipient of a Professor of Plant Medicine based on the values of their community service.

An official statement from the institution states, “This award is given in recognition of the extensive insight he brought to his field of work both inside and outside of Ghana. Once more, his achievements and advocacy for the use of plant medicine in the provision of high-quality healthcare were the basis for his honour.”

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Ampem Darko however, thanked the Atlantic International University for the recognition and acknowledgement.

He said, “I will not compromise the quality of healthcare I provide; instead, I will strengthen it and maintain its eminence to help mankind.”


BY Daniel Bampoe