Cuban Mission’s Official Visits Daily Guide

The guest in a conversation with his hosts


The officer in charge of media relations at the Cuban Embassy, Yamil Martinez, yesterday visited the DAILY GUIDE newsroom to, as he put it, “reset the friendship that has existed between his mission and the newspaper.”

Yamil Martinez, a Deputy at the Cuban Embassy responsible for maintaining cordial relationship between his outfit and the media told his hosts, Editor Jamila Akweley Okertchiri and the Chief News Editor A.R. Gomda that “we want to re-establish the bond that has existed between us and your newspaper.”

He recalled how over the years the DAILY GUIDE has carried stories about the embassy.

On the relationship that already exists between Cuba and Ghana, he said this has manifested in various fields, education being one area. Plans are on, he said, to increase the number of scholarships to Ghanaian students to study in Cuba.

About how he sees Ghana, he said, “I love Ghana.”

Although he said he is used to hot spices having been used to Caribbean dishes, the ones are sometimes too hot.

As for me I love Salsa music from Cuba, said the Chief News Editor to the Cuban guest.

The editor assured him of continuous coverage of the activities of the embassy, assurance which the Chief News Editor endorsed.

It was overall a wonderful interaction between Yamil and his Ghanaian media hosts.

A few years ago, a Cuban ambassador to Ghana visited the DAILY GUIDE to, as he said at the time, establish a relationship with the newspaper.