Basketball Festival Goes Notch Higher

Yaw Sakyi Afari

The annual African Basketball Festival returns this December in style with expansion in participating countries and expected rich cultural display and music.

And beginning December 15 to 17, the festival features eight teams; an expansion  from last year’s four nations—France, USA, Ghana, and Nigeria.

The three-day jamboree introduces new contenders to the court, including the UK, Liberia, Togo, and an additional nation that will add to the pre-Christmas competition.

At its recent media briefing in Accra, Yaw Sakyi Afari, Project Lead of the Africa Basketball Festival, expressed optimism for the event’s growth.

Afari said, “Last year, we had an impressive display of talent, music, and art with four countries. This time, with eight nations, we aim to create an even more memorable experience for everyone.”

He added, “This year’s is certainly going to be a lifetime experience, and would surpass the excitement of the previous edition.”

In a captivating showdown, the University of Ghana will clash with Accra Technical University in an expected uncompromising duel as part of this year’s competition, promising basketball enthusiasts a high time treat.

And touching on the festival’s itinerary, he mentioned that the first day will witness the arrival of participating countries and an opening ceremony featuring all teams.

The second day is packed with thrilling games, while the final day will feature an e-sport competition, culminating in a face-off between the winner of Africa and the winner of the international games.

The 2023 Africa Basketball Festival (ABF) is powered by RITE Sports in collaboration with partners Beyond The Return Office and the Ghana Basketball Association.

Indications are that the festival guarantees an experience combining the love for basketball with the multiplicity of African culture.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum