Breaking The Walls Of Impunity


Rather than clap hands for the action being taken against the wanton impunity which has swept across this country for so long, there are a few, yet loud and dissenting voices.

They will always find reasons, often politically-coloured, to underscore their jaundiced stances. That is their trait and they are the reason governing this country is no walk on the park.

With all manner of persons inhabiting the world, the weird, the bad and the good, we should not be this surprised that there are some who see nothing wrong with fronting for foreign nationals to illegally mine in our forests and our water bodies, or even build on state acquired lands.

Be it as it may, we are excited that eventually government has mounted an exercise to pull down illegal structures which sprung up at the Sakumono Ramsar Site.

One of the repercussions of such impunities is that others are tempted to follow suit because no action has been taken against the trail blazers.

No country can develop when her citizens do not appreciate the importance of abiding by the laws and regulations in society. We must appreciate the importance of the laws of the land if we want to progress as a nation.

The issue of encroachment on the Sakumono Ramsar Site has been on the public space for so long, conversations about it often taking centre stage and vanishing and returning once more as if to mock the relevant agencies which are unable to enforce the law.

The implications of humans overrunning the Ramsar Site as we have it at Sakumono, should be understood by all so that we can better appreciate the need for the action taking place at the location.

But for the site, the level of flooding in the mainland of the nation’s capital could have only been imagined.

Nature, as a master engineer, has everything set out for good reasons. Any attempt at altering nature’s order can lead to untoward ends as in the climate change afflicting humanity.

It is sad that we still do not understand the importance of wildlife and how some of them use the Ramasar Site for procreation purposes through breeding.

Not all countries are blessed with such a nature reserve. We are but our reckless attitude towards nature has led to the kind of encroachment we are witnessing today.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, is only serving society as the overseer of his area jurisdiction assignment bestowed upon him by the President.

A so-called pastor, one of those who have put up an illegal structure on the Sakumono Site reportedly called the bluff of the Regional Minister, to demolish and suffer what befell others who undertook a similar action. Such a misinterpretation of the Scriptures only expose such hypocrites who do not understand the fact that, we, as creatures of God, must appreciate the order of nature.

The relevant authorities must henceforth protect state acquired lands jealously and not wait for encroachments to reach advanced stages.

The Ramsar Site is part of land acquired for the Tema Acquisition area, part of which following the Ramsar Convention, went to the Department Of Game and Wildlife, a segment of the Forestry Commission, for management and protection, an assignment they have been unable to execute.