Cheerleader Bays For Blood (2)

John Mahama

Several days after a group of hooligans calling itself NDC youth paraded precincts of John Mahama’s residence brandishing deadly weapons, leadership at all fronts is yet to call out the NDC to safeguard the peace, security and stability in the country.

Very often we have drawn attention to the extreme political polarisation to the extent that the so-called role models of our society are unable to raise their voices against any threat against our democracy.

We must be consistent with our zero tolerance for actions that are likely to destabilise our modest progress in the fields of politics, economics and development.

The loudest journalists, media houses, academia and civil society organisations have quite unfortunately developed sealed lips when some members of the NDC display brazen disregard for law and order.

We hope Ghanaians remember the loud condemnations that greeted the invasion of the UTV studios recently by a group said to have links with the NPP.

When, otherwise vociferous voices become silent in the face of extreme provocations, many well-meaning Ghanaians wonder whether there are any set of values that the people are expected to uphold.

The police cannot pretend not to be aware of the NDC threat to our development.

Is the police ready to protect law and order in the country, especially during the run-up to the 2024 general election?

Or what we witnessed in Mahama’s house is the dress rehearsal of 2024?

Nonetheless, if there is one personality who is appalled by those NDC miscreants, we can find one in the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo, who is also Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Worshipping with the Presbyterian congregation at Frafraha near Accra, the President made it clear that such show of disregard for law and order would not be tolerated in Ghana.

President Akufo-Addo condemned the brandishing of machetes and weapons at the office of John Mahama, stressing that no individual or group will be allowed to destabilise the peace and security of the country.

He said he was of the belief that the brandishing of those weapons was not a sign of things to happen in 2024 elections, and that Ghanaians would be allowed to go about their duties without disturbances from any quarters. “It is my earnest hope that the machetes and weapons brandished last week at the NDC presidential candidate, former President John Mahama’s office are not signs of the things to come in the run up to the 2024 elections. If it is, I can assure them that they will find no success within. I want to state that under my watch, no person or group of persons no matter their political colorations will be allowed to destabilise our country to destroy the peace all of us are enjoying. It will not happen!” the President assured.

Very reassuring indeed in the midst of desperation on the part of Mahama for power. His uncle Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe who claims Ghana is not safe under President Akufo-Addo may be in a slumber and is yet to see NDC’s danger to the peace, security and stability of Ghana.

If the security of the state would not act, the IGP must be pushed to see the real danger to law and order and act immediately. He must arrest those NDC hoodlums whose faces are in videos circulating on social media. Ghana has no room for such hooligans who want to destabilise our peace and acclaim as the oasis of democratic ethos in Africa.

We know John Mahama is a Christian and a leading member of the Assemblies of God Church. That being the case, Mahama must be familiar with Scripture’s condemnations of violence, as violence is associated with wickedness and detestable to the Lord.

In Genesis, we are told “the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the world was filled with violence.”

In conclusion, we draw attention to Jesus’s nonviolent journey to the cross as a model for Mahama to also follow in his frustrated journey to return to power.