‘Coming To Ghana Is A Dream Come True’

Stevie Wonder (2nd Right), Rocky Dawuni (2nd left) at a press conference in Accra


American singer-songwriter and musician, Stevie Wonder, has said his coming to Ghana is a dream come true.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, the renowned musician shared that visiting Ghana had been his dream since he was 23. His goal was to help those in need, particularly those afflicted with night blindness.

“I always knew I was meant to make a positive impact in the world,” he expressed, “My vision is to unite people in a divided world, giving a voice to the voiceless and spreading peace in areas of conflict.”

Stevie Wonder expressed gratitude for the opportunity to immerse himself in Ghana’s rich history, culture, and stories. He emphasised his desire to promote love and unity among Africans, dispelling fear and fostering understanding.

Grammy Award nominee Rocky Dawuni highlighted the significance of Stevie Wonder’s visit to Ghana, noting that it symbolises a strong connection between the artiste and the country.

He encouraged other diasporans to explore Ghana’s vibrant culture, music, and warm hospitality.

US music icon Stevie Wonder has landed in Ghana after declaring in 2021 his intention to permanently relocate to the country.

The 74-year-old Grammy award winner was warmly welcomed by fans and industry insiders at Kotoka International Airport on Monday morning, sparking speculation about a potential permanent move to the country.

In a February 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the acclaimed artiste discussed his decision to move to Ghana, citing the political unrest in the United States as a motivating factor.

“I want to see this country smile again. And I want to witness it before I depart to settle in Ghana because that’s my plan,” he shared. When Winfrey asked if he was planning a permanent move, Wonder affirmed, “I am.”

He emphasised his desire to create a better future for incoming generations, stating, “I don’t want my descendants to beg for acceptance or respect. What kind of existence is that?”

This isn’t the first time Stevie Wonder, known for hits like ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’, has considered relocating to Ghana. In 1994, he expressed feeling a stronger sense of community in Ghana compared to the US.

Born in Michigan, Wonder demonstrated exceptional musical talent at a young age, mastering the piano, drums, and harmonica by age 9.

He signed with Motown Records in 1961 and has enjoyed immense success, earning 25 Grammy Awards, including an honorary accolade, and garnering 74 nominations throughout his illustrious career.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke