Companies Urged To Support Nungua Homowo

Nii Okplen Dzalesane II speaking at a function at Nungua

Companies operating within the jurisdiction of the Nungua Stool in the Greater Accra Region have been urged to support this year’s Homowo festival of the chiefs and people of Nungua.

The annual Homowo festival is celebrated by Ga indigenes to hoot at hunger and to thank the Almighty God for bountiful food harvest.

The Nungua Oblantai Mantse and chairman of the 22-member Festival Committee, Nii Okplen Dzalesane II, speaking at a recent media interaction,  praised companies functioning on Nungua lands for their support in the past.

He asked them to rise to the occasion again this year in cash or in kind for a successful celebration.

He added that some unscrupulous persons sometimes take advantage of the season and go making demands on various companies, claiming they had been authorised by the Nungua Stool to do so.

The Nungua Oblantai Mantse advised companies to always verify the eligibility of anyone who approaches them for support for Nungua Homowo and instantly report fraudsters to the police for arrest and prosecution.

He pointed out that the festival is neither for the committee members nor the people of Nungua alone, but for everyone connected to Nungua in different ways.

He therefore asked the churches, security agencies, corporate bodies and other outfits that have dealings with Nungua to fully cooperate for a peaceful celebration.

Nii Okplen Dzalesane II took advantage of the occasion to educate folks who claim that the people of Nungua only celebrate Kpledjoo and not Homowo.

He clarified the point that the entire Gadangbe people celebrate Homowo but individual towns and jurisdictions have their own way of going about it.

“For instance, there’s Yeeyeeye in Ga Mashi; there’s Odwira in Osu, there’s Amrakui Akpa at La; there’s Kpashimo and Sesebumo at Teshie; there’s Obeneshimo and Kpledjoo at Nungua and there’s Kpledjoo and Kpa also at Tema. So that’s how it is but the entire Gadangbe people celebrate Homowo. We came from somewhere. We came with hunger.  So after the hunger, we hooted at it. That’s the essence of Homowo for all of us Gadangbes,” he added.

By George Clifford Owusu