Cremate Me When I Die – Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife legend, Reggie Rockstone has said he wants his body to be cremated when his life on earth comes to an end.
According to him, he prefers that to being buried and its accompanying funeral brouhaha.
Reggie made this known on Tuesday on Hitz FM when he was speaking about the sad demise of his friend DJ Rab Bakari, who was a music executive and producer.
“DJ Rab Bakari was a best friend. DJ Rab grew up with DMX and he loved Ghana so much that he died on Ghana’s independence day. When you talk about honesty, DJ Rab was that person. The great thing about Rab was he was never a sad guy. He really appreciated the concept of life and death. Cremate me when I die. I have always known that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. But the suddenness of it is what shocks me,” he revealed.
DJ Rab Bakari died on March 6, 2022, shortly after celebrating his 55th birthday on February 14. He allegedly got drowned at the Busua Beach in Western Region during a program as part of Ghana’s Independence Day celebration.