CSOs Missing In Action

The humanitarian and patriotic spirit of the Ghanaian has never been put to the test. With a call for all to contribute their widow’s mite to the ongoing Covid-19 assistance box many Ghanaians have been busy.

Although we are not managers of the Covid-19 fund we nonetheless, given the national interest underpinning it, acknowledge the increasing response thereof with unrestricted elation.

We would however on the same tangent observe that our ubiquitous Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been late in dipping their hands into their rich kitties.

While we do not seek to ridicule them for the delay in responding we would be quick to state that a positive movement would be one in the right direction unless they have done so on the blind side of their compatriots.

There are other organizations which are still in a slumber perhaps vacillating as to whether or not to join in the humanitarian crusade.
There are myriad blessings in giving to a worthy cause such as the subject under reivew something those still in the doldrums we can bet are not oblivious to.

This is one cause in which we are bound together irrespective of political, ethnic or even faith affiliations. It is about humanity, about the Ghanaian.

Of course some groupings have served notice that for them this is an opportunity they would relish in their grand political scheme. But we would hurry to pose the question ‘in whose interest?’ Certainly that would be in their parochial interest. We are encouraged and emboldened by the indisputable fact however that they are few and the rest of the citizenry outstrip them in numbers.

We call on them who have before now been active in their political activisim subtle and muted or loudly in high decibels to do something now.

Perhaps the CSOs can retool their operations to embark upon a nationwide advocacy to have the Covid-19 kitty filled to the brim in the shortest possible time.