Darkness Engulfs Accra

Henry Quartey

Nights in Accra are no longer as bright as they should be, the reason for which is not far-fetched.

Many of the streetlights are out of order, the fluorescent tubes having been off for several months.

Motorists who depend upon the illumination from the streetlights for navigation have to make do with partial or full darkness. This situation compels them to turn on the high light at night, making things difficult for vehicular traffic from the opposite direction.

The foregone were concerns raised in a letter to the DAILY GUIDE by a group of concerned persons who have appended their signatures to an open letter to the authorities concerned.

“It is our hope that the germane authorities will respond to our concerns which are shared by motorists in the city and indeed pedestrians alike,” a segment of their petition reads.

The non-functioning streetlights aside some traffic lights have not worked for the past six months, the concerned persons pointed out.

DAILY GUIDE shares in the observation about the streetlights and some non-functioning traffic lights in the city.

Evidence of the dangers posed by non-functioning traffic lights are the broken headlamps and back lights of cars sighted in the mornings or even daytime.

“We wish the relevant authorities will audit the state of the street and traffic lights in Accra with a view to knowing their state and taking the necessary action,” stated John Mensah, Karimu Issa, Ade Mumuni and Mary Mahama.

The letter ends on a hopeful note that “the Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey noted for his action inclination will liaise with the appropriate agencies to reverse the situation so that the nation’s capital will be lighted up.”

With an improved road network in Accra, enhancement of the light situation alongside fixing non-functioning traffic lights, the nation’s capital will wear a look befitting its status, the concerned persons added.

By A.R. Gomda