DassebreBa, KK Fosu Collaborate On ‘Akonoba’

DassebreBa Kwame and KK Fosu


DassebreBa Kwame, a gifted Ghanaian musician and songwriter, has collaborated with highlife star, KK Fosu on a new song titled “Akonoba,” which will be released this Saturday.

Many music enthusiasts will be inspired by the song, which was produced by Big Brain and recorded by Diaz Qlasik.

With Big Brain’s captivating melodies and DassebreBa’s lyrical prowess, this song has the potential to become a chart topper.

DassebreBa, renowned for his incisive wit and compelling stage presence, has set the tone once more with “Akonoba.”

The song is more than just a release; it’s a cultural phenomenon that captures the essence of modern Ghanaian music.

DassebreBa’s uncommon combination of Twi and English lyrics conveys a message that resonates with listeners and music fans all around the world.

“Akonoba” is more than just a beautiful melody; it celebrates love and romantic relationships.

DassebreBa, known for his unusual stage persona, believes the song will make an effect on those already in the music industry.

Big Brain’s skillful production seamlessly combines the verses of DassebreBa and KK Fosu to create an uplifting and captivating sound experience.

Bkay Photos directed the idea direction of this masterpiece’s unpublished visualizer.

Yaco International Inc. is the organization that oversees the impending musical endeavor. Artiste road manager Obed Brixton, artist manager Samuel Kwame Kodua, and artist publicist Charles Pabby Asare make up the team.