Delegates Declare For Asante-Boateng

Kwaku Asante-Boateng raising his hands to the crowd


New Patriotic Party (NPP) delegates in the Asante Akim South Constituency in the Ashanti Region have openly declared their support for Kwaku Asante-Boateng, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), who is running for re-election.

At a constituency meeting, delegates praised the MP for his unwavering commitment to the area’s development, citing his contributions to the improvement of the constituency’s road network, schools, water and sanitation, and agriculture.

Beyond his developmental efforts, the NPP members lauded the MP’s remarkable personal characteristics, describing him as an affable, non-discriminatory person.

According to them, Mr. Kwaku Asante-Boateng, who is also the Deputy Minister for Railway Development, has fostered an environment of inclusivity.

Constituents underlined that he handles individual concerns with urgency, which is a demonstration of his commitment to public service.

The MP said he is confident he will win the Saturday parliamentary primary of the NPP to continue his good works for the constituents.

He stated that he will win more than 75% of the vote to defeat his opponent, Bice Osei Kuffour, alias Obour.

Mr. Asante-Boateng asserted that his message had connected with constituents, particularly delegates, and had brought development to the people’s doorsteps.

The MP used the opportunity to display images of projects completed in 150 of 198 communities in collaboration with the Asante Akim South Municipal Assembly, including road construction, classroom blocks, electricity extension, water and sanitation facilities, markets and agriculture production.

“My constituency is large and diverse, accounting for 5% of the Ashanti Region’s total landmarks. As a result, the people do not get to know the projects carried out in neighbouring communities.

“This is why I came to display images of projects undertaken and those still ongoing as a way to account to the people who gave me their mandate,” he explained.

According to him, the remaining 48 communities will have their fair share of development by the end of this year.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area, Alexander Frimpong, who accompanied the MP, shared his perspective on the transformative developments spearheaded by Asante-Boateng.

According to him, the MP’s efforts secured for the constituency the tarring of seven roads, covering some 120 kilometers.

“This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about tangible change. We’ve seen it in the quality of tangible development such as roads, electricity supply, provision of markets and toilet facilities, job creation and employment, and water and sanitation,” the MCE noted.

One delegate, Kwame Owusu, praised the impact on local communities.

“These roads are a testament to progress. And it’s not just about roads; it is also about electricity in 33 communities and this is a game-changer for us,” he stated.

Adwoa Asantewaa, a delegate from a once-isolated community, highlighted the significance of improved communication.

“Having GIFEC telephone masts in 25 communities means we’re no longer left in the dark. Asante-Boateng understood our needs,” she remarked.

The MCE said the MP had provided over 50 boreholes for safe drinking water for the people, and this is a testament of the impact made by Asante-Boateng.

Some delegates described Asante-Boateng as a leader whose achievements have served as a rallying point for the constituency’s progress and prosperity.

In a bold and resounding declaration, the delegates said they would vehemently reject Bice Osei Kuffour.

They accused him of deceit after he allegedly reneged on his numerous promises to them during the previous parliamentary primaries.

According to them, the aftermath of the last NPP primaries in the constituency left a bitter taste in their mouths.


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