Digitalised Law Improves Practice – AG

Godfred Yeboah Dame,


The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame, has emphasised the importance of having a fully functional digitalised law system.

Speaking at the opening of the Law House in Accra yesterday, Mr. Dame said ensuring a “fully functional digitalised environment” will help his ministry and personnel to deliver on their responsibilities.

According to him, the benefits of technology and digitalisation cannot be ignored or overlooked.

Speaking at the commissioning of the facility, Mr. Dame said he plans to add a, “fully functional modern law library to this facility as well as ensure the complete electronic management of all records.

“Last night, as I looked in admiration at how ordinary and almost bare the desk in my new office looked, I quickly remembered that in less than a day, mountains of files will clutter my desk.

“Without a doubt, we must move away from this unhealthy situation. We cannot have a modern office without a fully functional digitalised environment.

“We cannot allow paper to clutter our working environment and destroy the beauty of what we have achieved with this Law House,” he stressed.

The 10-storey office complex has two-level basement, some modern facilities, including conference rooms, 130 office spaces, and an eating area.

Mr. Dame was therefore optimistic that, this “well-oiled Attorney General’s office is the biggest signpost for improved conditions and practice of law.”

He explained that the practice where State Attorneys in various regions operate from makeshift structures or within the office complexes of other state institutions will now be a thing of the past.

The Chief Justice, Gertrude Torkornoo urged the government to enhance and expand facilities nationwide to improve justice delivery.

She emphasised that while building more courts is essential, that alone cannot improve access to justice.

“Access to justice goes beyond providing courts. Access to justice includes facilities for legal education, law reporting, facilities for law reforms, facilities for legal aid services and well-resourced professionals along the justice delivery chain,” she stated.


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