Distant Relatives Project Feeds Masses

Team members of Distant Relatives Project attending to the children at the ceremony

Christmas is a season for giving and showing love especially to the underprivileged.

It is for this reason that the Distant Relatives project, an NGO which seeks to instill a spirit of belongingness into underserved communities, embarked on a community outreach though its ‘Feeding Our Relatives’ project.

The ‘Feeding Our Relatives’ project embarked on its second mission on December 26, 2019, at the Mantse Agbona, located in James Town, where over 400 children were fed.

The project also featured free haircuts by the ‘hairmasterz’, medical screenings, mental health education, games, school supplies and more.

The NGO partnered with Mr Eazi and the Empawa foundation to donate 50 bags of rice to the Ga community.

Speaking to William Kwaku Asiedu, the founder and CEO of the NGO, he stated that the objective of the NGO was to inculcate a sense of hope and confidence while enduring day to day challenges.

Mr Belo Cida Haruna, the Ghanaian ambassador of the NGO, indicated that the NGO sought to create access to resources and information to the disenfranchised as well as helping communities on the path to self-sustainability.

By Sharon Willis Brown-Acquah