Don’t Go On The Street – Mr. Logic To #Fixthecountry Activists

Mr. Logic

Artiste manager, Mr. Logic, has asked #fixthecountry activist group who have started a campaign to get leaders to fix the country not to hit the streets to demonstrate if the police disapprove of them doing so.

Speaking on Hitz FM on Thursday, he said they would be breaking the law if they don’t follow the directives of the police.

“If the police says don’t demonstrate and you demonstrate, it becomes an offence. Don’t tell me that they said you shouldn’t go but you will go. Don’t go. We have to thread peacefully, let’s find other ways to keep the conservation going,” he stated.

In past few days, an argument about whether it is Ghana or the attitude of its citizens that needs to be fixed has been trending on social media.

Two popular hashtags ‘FixYourself’ and ‘FixTheCountry’, have interchangeably been topping Twitter trends as a result.

Most of the things those who started ‘FixTheCountry’ trend are fighting for include rent problems, unemployment and bad roads, among others. While the other group talks about the fact that every Ghanaian has a responsibility to play in the development of Ghana, hence the need for change in attitude.

Some major celebrities have since joined both sides of the trends.

According to Mr. Logic, he has been an advocate for fixing Ghana a long time ago. Even though he supports ‘FixTheCountry’ group, he cautioned that the activists must not politicise their campaign by making it about New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC). That, he indicated, may destabilise the country.

“Look I agree the country needs to be fixed…the moment they mentioned rent, education and bad roads, I agreed but the modules they are using is my problem because the agenda is bigger than them. And we have some celebrities who belong to other political parties who have involved themselves and taken the whole thing to a political agenda. My advice to them is that don’t make it look like it is a political agenda. It will then make it look like you guys have an agenda to destabilise the country,” he said.

“The agenda to fix the country is good but not to be politicised. And governments should also wake up,” he added.

By Francis Addo