DWP Academy Changes Dance Narrative In Ghana

Some d ancers of DWP Academy

A number of international stars have been endorsing dance videos from Ghana’s Dance With A Purpose (DWP) Academy on social media.

Among them are P Diddy, Ciara and Alicia Keys.

Described as one of the best dance hubs in Africa and beyond, DWP nurtures individuals who are passionate about dance. The academy has a singular vision to promote the Afro-culture in the world through dance and a mission to make a professional out of anyone who wants to dance while engaging the youth to curb the rate of social vices in the society.

The academy has four coaches ? Dancegod Lloyd, Afrobeast, Yoofi Greene and Shawtyme ?  with subsidiaries in China( DWP Academy  China) and the  U.S.A (DWP Academy USA) headed by Yoofi Greene and Shawtyme respectively.

The Ghana branch is led by Dancegod Lloyd and Afrobeast. 

The academy’s dance videos have gained tractions online with hundreds of thousands of views. They have also received endorsement from international entities such as The Shade Room, P Diddy, Ciara, Alicia Keys, NWE worldwide, Chop daily, Afro Girl Fitness, among others.

The academy took advantage of social media to spread their influence across the world.

Few years ago, dance was not magnified beyond mere competitions at parties. 

People joined the cadet, Girls’ Guide, Red Cross and others joined the cultural dance club. At the dance club, someone came to teach students how to dance either the traditional dances or choreographies. But that was just an extra-curricular activity. None of these students ever thought for a second that dance could be a career path to pursue, not even the dance champion who loved dance and could dance in his sleep. 

Some continued through senior high schools, then lost their flair in the university until they could dance no more. It’s only occasionally that they drop a few dead moves at weddings and ceremonies. 

However, dance has obviously evolved over the years. It is lucrative in many interesting ways? public relations, influencer marketing, YouTube monetization, among many others. 

Brands are now using dance as a means of communication to launch products/services, create dance challenges to push music, public relations for brand and drive sales for products.

That has been DWP Academy’s contribution to Ghana’s dance industry.