Entrepreneurial Spirit Key To Thriving In Uncertainty – Ashiokai

Ashiokai Akrong


Vodafone Ghana’s Human Resources Director, Ashiokai Akrong, has highlighted the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within organisations, a concept she referred to as “intrapreneurship.”

She made these comments when she delivered a keynote address at the What I Wish I Knew (WIWIK) 2023 conference at the University of Ghana Business School. The conference, themed “Thriving in Uncertainty,” brought together a diverse group of speakers, including Capt. Prince Kofi Amoabeng (retd), President of UT Holdings, Daniel McKorley, Chief Executive Officer of the McDan Group of Companies and Carol Jarvis, Professor in Knowledge Exchange & Innovation at the Bristol Business School, UK.

In her address, Ashiokai emphasised the need for organisations to create an environment that encourages innovation and does not punish failure, as failure often accompanies innovation.

“Employees need to understand an organisation’s strategy and values to align their innovative ideas with the organisation’s goals,” she said. “An open culture that promotes trust is crucial for this understanding and alignment.”

Ashiokai also underscored the importance of integrity and trust in business, introducing the concept of the “say-do ratio,” which refers to the consistency between what one promises and what one delivers. “High integrity and trust are crucial for maintaining a good say-do ratio,” she noted.

Drawing from her personal experience, Ashiokai, an alumnus of the University of Ghana Business School, encouraged individuals to gain experience and not rush the journey to finding their career path. “You have to take those jobs on the way to building your career,” she advised. “Sometimes we’re in such in a hurry to make that money right now, but the experience is just as important.”

Ashiokai’s insights into fostering an intrapreneurial spirit within organisations were a key highlight of the WIWIK 2023 conference, contributing to the rich discourse on thriving in uncertain times.

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