‘Companies Not Granted Licences To Exploit Lithium’

Samuel Abu Jinapor

The Ministry of Lands and Natural resources has refuted claims that it has granted licences to some companies to exploit the country’s lithium resources.

According to a press statement issued by the public relations unit of the Ministry, the granting of licenses for lithium exploitation would be against the national interest of the country therefore anything supporting that notion is totally false.

The statement added that various explorations of lithium is ongoing in the country therefore the Ministry has submitted a policy proposal for the regulation, exploitation, and management of the country’s green minerals which is currently being scrutinized by Cabinet.

“The overarching goal of the policy is to ensure that the exploitation of these critical minerals inure to the benefit of the people of Ghana, the true owners of the resources. When approved, it will form the basis for all agreements, leases, licences, and permits for the exploitation and utilisation of our green minerals,” the release stated.

The statement iterated the Ministry and government’s commitment to ensuring that the exploitation of these minerals, as well as others are done in a manner that accords with the national interest.

“The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources wishes to ensure the public that it remains committed to the efficient, effective, and sustainable exploitation and management of the natural resources of our country, in the spirit of transparency, anchored on integrity and utmost good faith for the benefit of the Ghanaian people,” the statement added.

By Abigail Atinuke Seyram Adeyem