Family Fight Over Mr. Ibu’s Donations

Mr Ibu, Stella Maris and Jasmine


The family of iconic actor, John Okafor, widely known as Mr. Ibu, is embroiled in a bitter dispute over allegations of a secret marriage and financial mismanagement related to funds donated for the actor’s surgery.

Stella Maris, Mr. Ibu’s wife, has accused her husband’s second son, Daniel as well as his adopted daughter, Jasmine, of being secretly married. Shockingly, she claims that they intend to use the funds donated for Mr. Ibu’s surgery to relocate as a couple to the United Kingdom.

The allegations came to light during a heated exchange on social media, where Verydarkman, a social commentator, accused Stella Maris of accusing Jasmine, of diverting surgery funds for personal luxuries, including a new iPhone and cosmetic procedures like BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift).

In a passionate response, Mrs. Ibu vehemently denied these accusations, questioning how she could be focused on extravagant purchases while caring for her ailing husband in the hospital. She further claimed that Jasmine was attempting to blackmail her by manipulating past private conversations.

Stella Maris went on to reveal a shocking twist in the family saga, asserting that Jasmine and her second stepson are allegedly planning to secretly marry, and relocate to the UK as a couple in December. Amidst these revelations, she emphasised her commitment to living with her husband and their children. The family turmoil has led to an unusual living situation, with Mrs. Ibu asserting that she is the sole occupant of Mr. Ibu’s house.

She also claims that other family members have moved out due to the house condition. The root cause of the family discord appears to be Mrs. Ibu’s request for an account statement, prompting accusations and counter-accusations among family members.