Father Burns Daughter’s Private Part


A 45-year-old father has been arrested by the Nsuaem Police in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region for allegedly burning the private part of his 15-year-old daughter with two hot cutlasses.

The father has been identified as Benyah Nyera Nda, also known as ‘Rasta’.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that the father, who is a farmer, lived with his four children including the victim in a faraway hamlet at Nkwanta, on the Agona Nkwanta-Nsuaem road, and has been cultivating cassava which the victim sells in the market on daily basis.

It was gathered that the father realised that his daughter would return home late any time she goes to the market to sell cassava.

“So on Sunday, the father confronted the daughter who denied having a boyfriend at the market. But the father told her he would destroy her ‘vagina’ so that she cannot have sexual intercourse with anybody at the market,” a source said.

“The father then tied the girl’s hands at her back and put the two cutlasses he use at the farm in fire, and when they were hot, inserted them into the girl’s private part one after the other,” the source added.

The source continued that on Tuesday, the father insisted that the victim, who is his first child, goes with them to the farm. On the way, the girl managed to run away.

Later in the day, a woman working with a company in the area came across the victim, who was in pain, and she narrated her ordeal to the lady. The woman reported the incident to the security man of the organisation, who went for the victim for safe keeping.

Speaking to journalists, the security man, Simon Enor, said after hearing the girl’s story, he took her to the Nsuaem Government Hospital where her medical bills were paid, and reported the case to the police.

He said he later went with the police to the village at Nkwanta to arrest the father, who admitted the offence and narrated why he carried out the punishment.

According to Mr. Enor, information he gathered was that Benyah Nyera Nda fathered the four children with four different women and decided to look after them all by himself in the small village.

Mr. Enor was shocked to note that all the children; one girl, and three boys were not in school. He said he has managed to locate the mothers of two of the children, who also claimed they do not have the means to take care of the children

Meanwhile, DAILY GUIDE has learnt that the police are investigating the case, after which they may hand over the children to an appropriate body to help take good care of them.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi