Friday December 1 Declared Public Holiday

Ambrose Dery


The Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery, has officially declared Friday, December 1, 2023, as a public holiday for the observation of the annual Farmers’ Day.

The announcement comes ahead of the country’s commemoration of Farmers’ Day, a significant event honouring the contributions of farmers across the nation.

In a statement released today, Ambrose Dery emphasized that December 1, 2023, which marks Farmers’ Day, will be observed as a Statutory Public Holiday throughout the country. He urged the general public to respect and observe this declaration accordingly.

Farmers’ Day is a cherished occasion in Ghana, recognizing the vital role played by farmers in sustaining the nation’s agricultural sector and ensuring food security. The holiday serves as an opportunity to appreciate the hard work, dedication, and invaluable contributions of farmers to the socio-economic growth of Ghana.

This year’s Farmers’ Day celebration is expected to be particularly significant, as it coincides with the government’s ongoing efforts to promote and advance agriculture in the country. The event will showcase the achievements and successes of farmers, as well as highlight innovative agricultural practices and technologies that have contributed to increased productivity and sustainable farming methods.
The event is taking place in Tarkwa in the Western region.

The day will be marked by various activities and ceremonies across the country, including agricultural exhibitions, awards ceremonies, cultural displays, and speeches by government officials. These events will not only honour the farmers but also provide a platform for stakeholders in the agricultural sector to engage in discussions and exchange ideas on ways to further enhance the industry.

Furthermore, the Minister for the Interior urged all Ghanaians to embrace the spirit of Farmers’ Day by recognizing the importance of agriculture and supporting local farmers.
He emphasized the need for collective efforts to ensure the growth and development of the agricultural sector, which remains crucial to the nation’s prosperity.

As the public holiday approaches, Ghanaians are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to reflect on the vital role of farmers, appreciate their hard work, and show gratitude for their contributions to the nation’s food security and economic stability.

By Vincent Kubi