‘Gay’ Chief Falls Down From Palanquin


A popular gay rights activist, Davis Mac Iyalla, who was installed Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region fell from the palanquin in which he was being carried during his coronation.

The Gay Chief, who was given the stool name “Nana Kwesi Gyasi I” was carried in a palanquin through the Yamonransa township pouring schnapps along the route before arriving at the durbar grounds at the Nkusukum palace.

On reaching the grounds, Nana Gyasi together with Paramount chief Nana Okese Esandoh were held in an engagement with police officials on the grounds.

After close to an hour in that engagement, the chiefs came to the durbar grounds to continue with the proceedings but with an amended proprogramne.

Due to that, the swearing of the coat of allegiance to the Omanhen in state on the initial program lineup was canceled

The ceremony was attended by several traditional authorities from Osu in Accra, Elmina, Mankessim and Cape Coast with heavy police presence to ensure peace during the precession through the streets.

A short video in which the palanquin is seen falling down the heads of those carrying him has been shared on social media.

Some people were heard in the video screaming and mentioning “Jesus” in their attempt to save the chief from landing on the ground from the palanquin.

Shortly after the screaming, a group of people was seen rushing to the place where the palanquin fell.
Nana Okese Esandoh thanked all who came for the outdooring ceremony.

In his speech, Nana Esandoh called on all to come together to move the community’s development forward.

He was installed by the Omanhen and President of Nkusukum Traditional Area, Nana Okese Essandoh IX over the weekend with a pledge to fight for human rights.

He called on the government to improve on the state of roads in the community, storm drains and for police quarters and female cells, a health center with lands available for such development.

-BY Daniel Bampoe