Gborbu Wulomo Summons Medikal, Fella Makafui Over Land Dispute

Medikal and Fella Makafui


The Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse, the Overlord of the Gadangme State, has invited Medikal and his estranged wife, actress Fella Makafui to his palace over the purchase of a land.

The embattled couple is expected to be at the Gborbu Wulomo’s palace on May 24.

The invitation follows a viral land document on social media that bears the names of the couple, indicating they have purchased the said land. The Gborbu Wulomo stated that he expects Medikal and Fella to come along with full documents to verify their purchase of the land.

The land document surfaced online amid Medikal’s rant on social media over a disagreement with Fella Makafui.
Among the other issues contended is their residence, which both are jointly living in now. Medikal claims sole financial responsibility for the property but asserts he included Fella’s name for their daughter’s benefit.
However, Fella disagrees with Medikal and has vowed to substantiate her position in court.

The Gborbu Wulomo, by this invitation, is seeking to confirm the authenticity of their claim. The once lovely couple is facing turmoil in their marriage, and both have publicly declared that they are in the process of finalizing their divorce legally.

Their living arrangement sparked further disputes recently after Medikal had asked Fella’s cousin Bless living in their shared residence to leave.

Fella, on the other hand, has requested the intervention of the Criminal Investigation Department to probe Medikal, which has intensified their conflict.

The Gborbu Wulomo’s move to summon the couple is seen as an attempt to mediate the ongoing dispute and bring clarity to the land ownership issue.