George Afriyie’s Disqualification Stoke Debate

George Afriyie


The disqualification of George Afriyie from the upcoming Ghana Football Association (GFA) elections has reverberated through the pool of prospective candidates, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their eligibility.

Afriyie’s disqualification was attributed to his breach of Article 13(2) (j) of the Ghana Football Association statutes, 2019, and his failure to secure the required number of GFA members to support his candidacy.

This ruling has not only affected Afriyie but also sent shockwaves among other candidates, particularly those from the Regional Football Associations and Division One League.

While the specific reasons for the disqualification of these other candidates are yet to be officially disclosed, the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty and scepticism surrounding the vetting process and eligibility criteria set by the GFA has left many candidates in limbo.

As the situation unfolds, the upcoming GFA elections, scheduled for this month, are shrouded in uncertainty, further complicated by a court injunction filed by King Faisal.

The collective fate of these prospective candidates now hangs in the balance, awaiting further developments and clarification from the GFA.