GES Rolls Out Professional Learning Sessions In SHS

Some members of the National Training Team holding copies of the PLC Handbook


The Ghana Education Service (GES) in its efforts to strengthen teachers’ understanding and adherence to the National Teachers’ Standards (NTS) and new secondary education curriculum has rolled out Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions for Senior High/Technical Schools (SHS/Ts) in the country.

The GES also organized a five-day training session for a 100-member national training team including representatives from GES, T-TEL, and senior high schools on the area under discussion.

The training focused on equipping the National Training Team with the necessary skills and resources to support teachers and officers to effectively implement PLCs in SHSs and SHTSs.

Representative of the Schools and Instructions Unit, GES, Faustina Graham, emphasised the importance of the training saying, “We believe that the national rollout of PLC will enhance Ghana’s education quality. We are committed to ensuring that all teachers have access to the resources and support they need to provide high-quality education in our schools.”

Assistant Headteacher, Academic, Gambaga Girls SHS, Miftaw Imoro, expressed satisfaction with the depth of knowledge and skills he had acquired through the training.

I’m very confident in applying the knowledge learned from the training because we have been facilitating PLC sessions in the 12 pilot schools and we are seeing positive results. We will also train Regional, Municipal, and District Education Office staff across the various regions.”

Following the National Team training, GES and NTC successfully completed two weeks of school-cluster-based Professional Learning Community (PLC) training for representatives from 705 Senior High Schools (SHS) and Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) across Ghana.

These weekly PLC sessions, facilitated by trained teachers within each school, will help to ensure that all teachers are familiar with the National Teachers’ Standards (NTS) and are able to incorporate concepts related to Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) in their classrooms.

These PLC sessions have the potential to bring lasting positive changes across Ghana’s secondary education system. They can be used to ensure that all teachers understand and embrace the newly revised secondary education curriculum. This is before it is rolled out nationally in 2024/25.