Newborn Hearing Screening Project Launched

Representative of MEDEL, Path medical, handing over the medical equipment to Korle Bu management


The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) in collaboration with MED-EL and Path Medical have launched the first newborn hearing screening project which will help in the early detection of babies with permanent hearing loss.

Early detection of infant with permanent congenital or early onset hearing loss (PCEHL) is essential for optimal development of affected children in early childhood.

The partners thus handed over screening and diagnostic devices to the hospital to facilitate the screening of newborn babies.

KBTH CEO, Dr. Opoku Ware Ampomah stated, “The value that this project will deliver can’t be calculated or quantified because, a significant number of children are born with hearing problems and when these problems are diagnosed early, it can be treated so that they can be given the necessary support to develop normally.”

Dr. Ampomah explained that when children with hearing loss do not understand what is going on around them, they are more likely to behave inappropriately, therefore when they receive early intervention, it will make a big difference in their communication and language development.

“Having hearing impairment is one of the painful disabilities; there is no sign on the body that tells people that you have a problem. They can also be at risk of danger because they cannot hear the sounds around them, to be able to escape any trouble approaching them, making life difficult for them,” he explained.

MEDEL Business Development and Regional Manager Africa, Stephanie Unterrieder, said, “MEDEL is a leading provider for hearing implant system and we have been partnering with Korle Bu on a Cochlear implant program, to help individuals with prolong hearing loss.”

“Hearing screening is the greatest awareness we can provide so we advice the midwives to ensure sustainability of the project,” she stated.


By Nafisatu Abdul Razak