GHAMRO To Take Legal Action Against Music Users

Rex Omar

The management of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) in collaboration with the monitoring team of the Copy Right Office has warned that it will take legal action against music users who fail to obtain a copyright licence before using music for their activities.

According to GHAMRO, Section 36 of the Copyright Regulations LI 1962 of 2010 requires any person who intends to use any musical work, or cause the work to be performed in public to apply for a copyright licence to do so.

It pointed out that failure to obtain licence means that the right owners are being deprived of their daily bread, adding that it will not hesitate to apply the law against users whose lack of respect for intellectual property continues to impoverish creators.

GHAMRO stated that copyright laws protect owners of works by granting them exclusive rights and ensuring payment when their creations are used. Key among them is the public performance right, a major source of revenue for creators.

It however, warned that it will not spare any music user who refuses to obtain licence before using musical works without authorisation.

“The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) wishes to notify all users, including broadcasting stations, hotels, banks, restaurants, night clubs, spinning groups, live music, entertainment venues, stores, shopping malls, drinking spots, chop bars, commercial vehicles (buses, taxis and trotro etc.) to take note and ensure compliance.

“The licence granted is to be displayed at an open place within the working areas or premises for inspection by a team composed of the copyright monitoring, GHAMRO task force and the security agencies in line with Section 29 of the law,” GHAMRO said in a statement.

Owners and proprietors are to note that failure to comply with the law is an offence with liability on summary conviction to a fine or to a term of imprisonment or to both.


BY George Clifford Owusu