GhScientific Receives Wellcome Fund


GhScientific has today announced the receipt of £87,600 from Wellcome as part of the newly launched ‘Wellcome Engagement Fund’.

The project, “Evolution of Science in Ghana (Past, Present, and Future)”, is a 30-month partnership project between scientists and artists. It is aimed at capturing how scientific and medical research has evolved between 1957 and 2017 and its impact on our society.

As part of the project, local artists will be paired with scientists to bring the research journey to live via paintings, sculpture and photography.

The project will also be a tool for outreach and engagement to provoke conversations as well as an appreciation of scientific and medical research in Ghana.

Final exhibits will tour all regions across the country and will be accompanied by community-led open discussions, lectures and debates.

GhScientific will be partnering with The Nana Project, The Ghana Academy of Arts and Science, researchers across our universities, local artists and Ano Ghana.

GhScientific trustee, Dr Patrick Kobina Arthur, commenting on the grant, observed, “This project is vital in bringing to the fore the contributions that Ghanaians have made towards scientific knowledge and the need to continue to contribute our unique perspectives to the global body of knowledge.”

Hephzi Tagoe, founding director of GhScientific also had this to say, We are really pleased with this news. Medical research in Ghana has made significant progress and in documenting our history, it is important that this journey is not lost and that the community feels a part of the research. The collection from this project is one way of ensuring just that”.

GhScientific has previously received an international engagement grant from Wellcome.

The 18-month project dubbed “Shaping Healthy Attitudes and Protecting the Environment (SHAPE)” brought together junior high school students, university students and professionals to work towards developing innovative solutions to health challenges in their communities.

Launched in 2014, GhScientific has over the years run multiple projects across all education tiers, training programmes and community events.