GNPC CEO, The Driving Force Behind the Ghana’s Fastest Human Sprinting programme.

Opoku Awhenie Danquah

To say the current state of Ghana’s Sprinting has assumed a paradigm shift is an understatement.

Indeed, the GNPC Ghana’s Fastest Human initiative started ten years ago by Reks Brobby, an Olympian, is yielding its intended purpose of reviving short distance running in Ghana, and indications are that, the success story of the athletics project is directly linked to the massive support from GNPC’s CEO Opoku Awhenie Danquah.

So far, the GNPC Ghana’s Fastest Human project has attracted quality athletes all over Ghana.

Refreshingly, some of them have over the years, achieved tremendously well at international meets like the Commonwealth Games and the last Olympics.

Founder of the Ghana’s Fastest Human project Reks Brooby said in an interview recently that “indeed, GNPC’S impact on this project has been massive, thanks to the hardworking CEO, who has ensured that the project keeps running.

“You will attest to the fact that the benefits of their support cannot be quantified in monetary terms- placing Ghana’s athletics up there and all that.”

He added “Now, the sport, which hitherto was not as glamorous has peaked all over Ghana, the very reason why we initiated this project.

“If each corporate organization will adopt a sport like GNPC has done with athletics, our various disciplines will bounce back and you have no idea how it will help our youth.”

Meanwhile, The GNPC Ghana’s Fastest Human event takes place for the Central, Western and Greater Accra region’s in the 100 meters for U-15, U-18 and seniors 18 and over, both male and female this weekend.