Happy Man Foundation Launched …On Charger Limited Boss Birthday

Founder and President of Charger Limited, producers of Happy Man Bitters and Plus Products, Dr Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, has celebrated his birthday in Bolgatanga by Launching Happy Man Foundation.

The astute businessman cum Philanthropist is best known for always extending a helping hand; in cash and in-kind to those that need it the most. Giving has been his chosen trajectory for so many years, and it is no surprise that he decided to launch a charity outreach called the Happy Man Foundation.

The Happy Man Foundation is birthed with a core mandate to put smiles on the faces of the less fortunate, less privileged and vulnerable in society.

Marking its first presentation, the foundation, under the initiative of its founder, Dr Bortey Borketey made donations to various needy groups within the Upper East Region on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The Happy Man Foundation donated items and cash worth over GHC54,000.00 to God’s Love Kid’s Home in Soe, Timataaba Children’s Home in Gbeogo (Talensi) and some 30 selected needy widows at the Bolgatanga social centre.

The donation which coincided with Dr Bortey Borketey’s birthday also marked international widows day.

Some of the items donated included bags of rice, gallons of cooking oil, bathing and cartons of washing soap, washing powder, tomato pastes, toiletries, toothbrushes, boxes of diapers, Books, baby wipes, baby food, cartons of biscuits, stationaries, Happy Man Plus 1 Beverages and others.

Dr Bortey Borketey addressed the various stakeholders of the beneficiary groups and touched on the need to show compassion to the less privileged in society.

He said “Giving to others should not only be done when we have in abundance but even when we have barely enough.”

The founder pledged an amount of GHC 1000.00 monthly to support the kids for the next 12 months. “The Happy Man Foundation is here to stay and will continue to fulfil its vision to lighten the burden of others,” he added.