Headmaster Beats “Hell Out” Of Student

A final year student of Jachie Pramso in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti region has been given several lashes by the headmaster for giving her jacket to a male colleague who has been penalized.

Mary Amoako, a 19-year-old and General Arts student was given several lashes by the headmaster, who was angry with her for being kind to give her jacket to a male student who came to class without wearing a uniform.

According to Mary, the headmaster asked the boy to remove his shirt and go half-naked to the dormitory and wear a uniform before he comes back to the classroom.

She said, she later gave her jacket to the said boy to wear after the headmaster has seized the boy’s shirt and left.

The headmaster, according to the girl, later saw the boy going to the dormitory while wearing a jacket, and when he found out that, it was the girl who gave the jacket to the boy, he gave her several lashes at her back resulting to serious bruises.