Henry Quartey Lectures On Security Management

Henry Quartey


The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, last Monday delivered a lecture to some senior officers at the Army Training Command’s Buchaman Hall, Whistler Barracks, Teshie on the topic “Responsibilities of REGSEC, MUSEC, and DISEC.”

The topic chosen by the Army Combat Training School for their second edition of the Battalion Commanders Course 1 was intended to appraise them on the responsibilities of REGSEC, MUSEC, and DISEC.

As has been the norm, the training school annually selects an official adjudged the best in a relevant subject as the resource person for the special course.

The minister spoke about the composition of REGSEC, MUSEC, and DISEC, and their main functions as stipulated in the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act 2022, Act 1030.

“I also expounded on the functions of a Regional Security Council in a region, which are to provide early warning signals to the government on the existence or likelihood of a security threat within the region, the country and to take appropriate measures, in consultation with the National Security Council, to ensure peace in conflict areas in the region;  take measures to ensure peace building, unity and stability in the region; take immediate steps to ensure law and order and assist the affected population in the event of an emergency or a disaster in the region; and perform the functions of the Council assigned to that Regional Security Council by the National Security Council.”

At the end of the presentation, the officers posed relevant questions which the minister fielded successfully.