I Don’t Miss Castro– Mzbel

Mzbel & Castro


Controversial songstress, Mzbel doesn’t wish fellow musician, Castro dead but she says she doesn’t miss him following his disappearance.

Castro has gone missing since July 6, 2014 on a Jet Ski on the Volta Lake at Ada.

Long before his disappearance, he and Mzbel were very good friends and also worked together.

But Mzbel reportedly said in an interview on Kingdom FM that they lost their friendship before Castro had gone missing. “I don’t miss him,” she said when she was asked about how Castro’s disappearance affected her.

“Before the incident, we were no more friends. We had a lot of misunderstandings so we stopped being friends,” she disclosed.

“But once in a while, when I go to the studio, I remember some of the things he taught me. But for me to miss him, there is nothing like that. There was no romantic relationship,’ she added.

I Don’t Miss Castro– Mzbel