‘I Don’t See Myself As A Celebrity’

Rocky Dawuni

US-based Ghanaian music icon, Rocky Dawuni, says he tries to live a normal life without considering himself as a “celebrity”.

According to him, he doesn’t only detest the word “celebrity”, but he sees it as a prison that popular people get entangled in.

“I don’t like the word celebrity. I think public figures who are in the limelight should understand that you are in the limelight too because of the love of the people. You have to use that position with reverence and respect and not abuse that and feel that because you are on a certain pedestal that means it makes you feel somebody special. You are no special from your fans. You are just like your fans. It is just that you have been given a certain mandate to shine. So with that you can shine with everybody….” he indicated.

“For a long time I knew that I didn’t have to buy into the whole thing of celebrity, the star thing and that stuff because it is prison. You create a prison around yourself. You just think of yourself too special and I just think it is to some extent it is a mediocre way of viewing the world. So I just go about doing things normal,” he said.

He was speaking in an interview on Hitz FM on Thursday morning during a discussion on whether celebrities had a private life or normal life.

“You can have a normal life if you don’t start showing yourself as you can only walk on water…that over hyped sense of importance. But that is not to say you don’t have to think about your security and…not to know that there are eyes on you so whatever you do you do it with a level of focus and respect that is required to give the community that you are engaged with. All I am saying is, I just try to live my life in a normal way,” he indicated.

By Francis Addo