I Fear Terrorists & Robbers -Bagbin Cries To Military

Alban Bagbin

Details have started coming out as to why the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin requested for military protection from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

The Speaker apart from having security for his residence, office block which was said to be numbering about 12, reportedly went ahead to request for military security for his road movement saying that he was afraid of terrorists and armed robbers.

It is against this movement and fear that Parliament wrote to the Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to request four soldiers as security detail for the Speaker.

In a letter dated January 18, 2022 few days in office and signed by Cyril Nsiah, Clerk to Parliament, he said, “as pertains in other jurisdictions, the Speaker seeks to add military personnel to his security detail for his protection during road movement across the country.

According to him, “this is paramount, especially in this day and age of terrorism and violent armed robberies. Moreover, coming from the northern part of the country, he will be undertaking several trips up north to visit family and friends and conduct the business of the legislature, which will require close protection.”

Parliament then requested military security for Speaker Bagbin from GAF.

Parliament said four personnel have been identified to fit the role and went ahead to request the GAF Chief of Staff to release them to the Office of the Speaker.

Sgt Adekurah Andrew, S/Sgt Agbley Prosper, WO1 Jafaru Bunwura and Cpl1 Bonney Prince were the officers requested to be attached to Mr Bagbin’s office.

Parliament further requested the GAF Chief of Staff that “the personnel are well-kitted and equipped in terms of arms and ammunitions to enable them to carry out their duties effectively.”

In withdrawing the soldiers, the Chief of Staff, wrote to Parliament saying that the four officers were attached without proper procedure.

The officers have been serving Bagbin’s office since he became Speaker in January 2021.

The Majority further rubbished claims that the withdrawal of the military personnel was an attempt to gag the speaker.

By Vincent Kubi