IAA Engages ATU Students

IAA team with some Students


Members of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) paid a visit to students of the Accra Technical University (ATU) to enlighten them on internal auditing and why it should be considered as a career choice.

The visit, named ‘Catch them Young,’ formed part of the Agency’s 20 year anniversary celebration and saw more than 250 students from the business department of the school attending.

Head of Special Investigations at IAA, Vug Patrick Nanke, explained that the student engagement was not only going to happen during the weeklong celebration but has been extended further as a programme lineup has been prepared to intermittently engage students in  other universities throughout the year.

“Internal auditors do vouching, vetting of various activities including HR, security, among others so we need varied line of people to join the profession because they will be exposed to different people from different fields in their line of work and it will help the field as well,” he stated.

The internal auditor for ATU’s Student Representative Council (SRC), Emmanuel Boateng, expressed his gratitude to IAA for their educational visit.

“Their visit has helped us know what goes on in the field of internal auditing and the importance of the internal auditor in governance. Usually, all we know about internal auditing is limited to our books but through their visit, we have gotten a wider picture of what goes on in the working world,” he shared.


By Abigail Atinuke Seyram Adeyemi