Ignatius Causes Confusion On TV3’s Date Rush

Ignatius Baidoo

There was drama on TV3‘s matchmaking show (Date Rush) on Sunday evening after Ignatius Baidoo, a bachelor who took part in the show, refused to choose a date from the show.

This was against what is believed to be the rule on the show for a bachelor to pick a date at all cost.

Date Rush is a matchmaking show with its exciting plot of 10 ladies battling it out for an eligible bachelor for a date.

The challenge is to make the best impression on the ladies to get them to want to go on the date within four presentation stages which lead to date at a romantic location to be captured on cameras. 

At every stage, ladies are allowed to disqualify themselves from the race to go on a date with the single guy by pressing a button termed as ‘Rush’.

But the final decision is left in the hand of the guy, who chooses between two ladies at the final stage of the show.

When Ignatius appeared up on the show, all the 10 ladies started tripping for him. They left their ‘Rush’ on for him at the first stage. At the second stage, Kezia who earlier told host Nii Kpakpo Thompson she loves tall and handsome guys was the first to turn off her ‘Rush’ although Ignatius perfectly matched her description.

She explained that she is the jealous type and could not deal with competition around Ignatius because all the other ladies love him.

During the next stage, Mrszkall and Jasmine, who many viewers suspected were the reason Ignatius came on the show, turned off their ‘Rush’ to kick themselves out of the race. Ignatius was given the opportunity after that to turn off the ‘Rush’ of the other ladies except for two of them who he wanted go for the final stage of the game with. He, therefore, left Freelove and Maame’s ‘Rush’ on, indicating he loves one of them.

But when the time came for him to choose one of them, he surprisingly rejected all of them.

He explained after the show that he does not “feel love” for the ladies and he does not want lie to them.

“I came on the show to find love but when I came I didn’t see what I want. None of them,” he told the host.

The show trended heavily on Twitter on Sunday night ? with some viewers praising him while others criticized him for disappointing the ladies. Some tweets even alleged that he is already married and came on the show just to play, but he denied the marriage claims on his Facebook page under the name Mick More Gh.

By Francis Addo