I’ll Begin Covering My Body – Akuapem Poloo

Akuapem Poloo 

Socialite Akuapem Poloo says she would no longer be wearing skimpy dresses as a result of her decision to convert to the Islamic faith.

According to her, she would start covering up, but will still manage to look sexy for her followers.

The actress made this known while explaining why she decided to convert to Islam.

In an Instagram video on Wednesday, she said she converted because of her son, who is a Muslim by his Muslim father.

“As Sexy Poloo, you will see me go sexy. I will cover myself in clothes but my sexy body will be exposed. That is what you don’t like, you hate to see my cute sexy body but I am sexy,” she stated.
“As-Salaam-Alaikum, Alhamdulillah, a lot of people have been wondering with regards to the news they heard about me converting from Christianity to Islam or being a Muslim.
“Some are saying that I did that to impress a man or someone. Some say I was forced. I didn’t sleep at all this night, see my eyes… They didn’t let me sleep, a lot of calls from outside Ghana and my family.
“Mind you, my son is nine years and he is a Muslim. I got married to a Muslim; that should tell you that I know what I’m doing. I’ve known the Islamic religion for years, and most of my friends are Muslims. I have a lot of Muslim friends so I love Muslims and the Islamic religion.
“I won’t impress human beings for anything, I only impress Allah which we call God. I don’t see any difference between Christianity and Islam because we all pray to God. You just have to be holy so stop ranting your mouth and saying things about me if not Allah will curse you,” Akuapem Poloo warned.
She continued, “Those insulting me on my page on how to dress, I just got converted into Islam and I am an actress, I do promo and adverts for people, I will make sure I cover up so I don’t expose my body a lot but hey, this is sexy Poloo.”
She again indicated that in due time, she will add her new adopted Muslim name to her official name.
“My Mallam told me that I can keep my full name on social media and keep my stage name as ‘Sexy Poloo’ but I will just add my Muslim name to it,”  she stated in the video.